Dragon ball Super Episode.46- ‘ G’s vs. Duplicate V ? Who’s Gonna Win..?

G and the clone V begin their battle. Each side holds its own. V tells G that he cannot beat him with attacks like that because he’s his perfect clone. The cloned V backs G into a corner . G use his technique behind his opponent and lands a blow on him, which briefly turns the battles in his favor. V starts getting frustrate that his clone is failing to dodge certain attacks and begins cheering for the clone when it knocks is G away . Kid T reminds V that if they do not defeat the clone, V would die. V attempts to attack clone himself , but he fails to do any damage. Frustrated ,V criticize both his clone V and G . G and clone V begins wondering whose side V is on. He and the cloned V quickly power up , and the two continue their fight. J points out that V is even more transparent than before . P tells V to use the key of the lock to gain time. kid T wonders if there might be another way to save V in case their plans fails. P suggest that the the clone were destroyed when they destroy the person who had real water / who have the source of the water . Kid T & G ,P and J fly away to retrieve the weapon. Meanwhile , G manages to fight off cloned V . V is frustrated that it is G who is fighting the clone and not him. The fight causes a destructive shock wave . Water take advantages and attack to kid T . V feels that kid t is in trouble and tries to reach him . M accidentally steps the that source behind him , which damages at along with its clone. Same time G react and attack clone V with his power and G defeated the clone v with the help of m. G thanks to M for his help and says that he would have been beaten by the cloned V if it were not for him. With the planet saved and the threat destroyed , G and the others return to earth. Meanwhile ,in an annihilated alternate timeline. Future T looks to destroy a new threat that has been terrorizing his world.


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