Dragon Ball Super Episode.48- ‘ HOPE! ONCE MORE Awaken in the Present Trunks ‘

G black taunts Future Trunks as he could not save any of his family or friends. Future trunks powers up to super to fight G black , but he is outmatched . He distracts G black with an energy attack and quickly boards the TIME CAPSULE and escape 17 years into the past. G black is frustrated that he cannot find trunks in the future timeline. meanwhile in the present timeline, trunks is studying in class along with pilaf gang . During a recess break, trunks feels strange and looks at the sky to observe the time capsule arriving with future trunks inside. He immediately calls for his mother . B come as fast as she then she show the time machine and then she ask present trunks that boy who were inside the time machine is a boy with blue hair then present trunks said yes mommy . Then after B going for a device which were given by angel W and contacts V and G who are training on Bill’s planet . Then B told everything to V and G after that V ask G he had a bean then G said he don’t have right now then now V told B to said trunks that he will increase there power level at maximum rate then angel W and god Bill also said that they were come to the time when trunks raises his power G his able to teleport himself with other to their location. V asks G to get some bean . G goes to tower to get some beans. then he came and give a bean to V and V gives to Future trunks . After that future trunks were regains consciousness thanks to the bean. Upon spotting G , Future trunks recalls G black’s attack and immediately charges towards , which shocks everyone around and also use some abuse words.


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