Dragon Ball Super Episode.49- ‘ A Message from the Future / Black G Strikes’

G manages to fight off future trunks . B manages to calm down future trunks . Future trunks gets clued in as to where he had ended up. He is also introduced to Bills and angel W . Future trunks apologizes to G for attacking him. he tells him he looks just like an enemy he was after. Both G and V are intrigued by this enemy. They decide to help him. Meanwhile in an alternate timeline, G black is searching for future trunks . Realizing future trunks escaped using a time-traveling machine, G black decides to go after him. G and future trunks decide to have a quick fight to determine each other’s power. G easily defeats Future trunks , but future trunks warns G that G black is a lot more powerful . While G and Future Trunks continue to fight , a portal opens above them. In future Black G had a time ring that’s disturb and the ring push the G black to the past where the future trunks is already exists. then G Black comes out of the portal and introduces himself.


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