Dragon Ball Super Episode.50- ‘ G vs Black ! The Closed Path To The Future’

G black arrives in the past . Future trunks decides to fight G Black, but V stops him.Curious to know how powerful G black really is , G decides to fight him. Neither of them seems to be particularly interested in their fight . G decides to transform into a super . Black G proves to be no match for powered-up G. Future trunks wonders why G does not simply destroy his opponent.He said When G fight with him he used more power but why is he not using his full strength then V said that G’s have a bad habit to hide their true power. G black tries to power up but before he is able to , G thwarts him.While G and G black fight, the time Portal starts to disappear. It also starts dragging G Black towards itself. G Black realizes this. He destroys the Time Machine as soon as he had been dragged into it, which prevents others to return to the future . With G Black suddenly gone, G wonders where his enemy could a time-travelling method only Supreme God know about. B decides to search for the other Time Machine that Cell used to travel back in time. Just as G Black reappears in the future timeline, Future Mai regains consciousness.


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