Dragon Ball Super Episode.51- ‘Feelings That Travel Beyond Time-Trunks And Mai’

B finds the time machine that cell used to travel to the past and promptly gathers the team to repair it. While FUTURE TRUNKS is waiting for B to finish the repairs , G heads off to king god planet to train. Future trunks and Mai discuss their counterparts from alternate timelines. Future trunks and Mai that Future Mai was a leader of earth’s resistance movement who died fighting to protect the planet. He also mentions G Black’s ultimate Goal , which is to rid the world of humans who are seen an inferior beings .Determined to find G Black, Bills God and Angel W search for the time ring in all the universes because they noticed that black g wear a time ring .In future Black G grown more energy when he fights with G . He seeks to fight him again to became even more stronger and also he want to know all the technique of G.


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