Dragon Ball Super Episode.-55 ‘I Want To See Son G O K U – Zen-oh S A M A’S Summoning’

W H I S and B E E R U S are worried over Grand Zeno’s request to meet G O K U and what it could mean for their for their universe. They do not want G O K U to meet Grand Zeno out of fear that he would come across as crude and offensive W H I S and B E E R U S reluctantly decide to heed Grand Zeno request .They tell G O K U to keep quiet about their plans regarding Time Machine, G O K U Black and time-travelling . in universe Ten on planet B A B A R I ,Z A M A S U kills one of the natives after it tried to attack them. G O W A S U scolds his student and says such behavior goes against his teaching of maintaining the balance between GOD and EVIL . Z A M A S U flouts that mindset and argues that the only way to maintain balance is to eradicate mortals. as Z A M A S U stands in the wind,rose petals start to whirl around him,which gives an allusion to distinctive red energy of G O K U Black . G O K U,W H I S, and Universe seven’s Supreme K A I arrive at Grand Zeno’s sanctuary.When G O K U see Grand Priest he told W H I S that this person is not the same how’s he looking then W H I S tells you noticed good. Grand Zeno see G O K U he get to excited when he see
G O K U then G O K U ask Grand Zeno why he want to meet him then Grand Zeno says that all he wanted was a friend to play with when he feels like having fun. Then G O K U says that’s why you called me then Zeno says is there any problem at same time Supreme K A I were scared and tell that G O K U is a good person and he accept his friendship offer then Grand Zeno says keep quite.After that Grand Zeno says son G O K U K U N then G O K U says he can call him ‘G O K U’ then Grand Zeno ask him what he want to use to say his name then G O K U think and says ‘ZEN CHAN’. Then G O K U says he is busy in work after the work finish he playing with grand Zeno and G O K U also tell he bring some friend with him who will become a good friend of Grand Zeno. G O K U promises that he find more friends for him to play with. Before G O K U leaves,Grand Zeno gives him a button and says to red button his for -when he press red button G O K U instantly come to Grand Zeno house and blue button instantly Grand Zeno come the place where G O K U press the button.Shortly afterwards,G O K U,B E E R U S , and W H I S leave for earth,where the Time Machine has been repaired . G O K U, V E G E T A,and Future Trunks arrive into Future Trunk’s alternate timeline.As soon as they arrive,G O K U is attacked by the earth’s resistance forces who mistook him for G O K U Black.

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