Dragon Ball Super Episode.45- ‘ V Disappears? The threat of Duplicate V’


V is powerless due to the purple water viscous liquid and absorbing his powers . The liquid is revealed to be a sentient being known as C . Superhuman water is just one of its many names known throughout the universe. V and the rest flee free from the clone from the cloned V and the space bandits. They learn from poem that the original will disappear once cloned. Junior G and T attempt to defeat the clone before that happens. G is fully recovered while training on K’s planet . He sense that junior G & T are in danger and G use is technique to junior G’s side . G also confuse because there are two V’s one is in purple and one is light then light V said to G if he don’t defeat purple he will disappear for always . G prepares to fight the cloned V.


Dragon Ball Super Episode.44- ‘Secret Of The Superhuman Water is Unleashed !’


While M delivers a package to G’s wife ,junior G and T sneak into his deliver truck and are accidentally taken to a planet . A group of space bandits are led by a teal humanoid called guru .They attempt to steal a key to an item called the SUPERHUMAN WATER from an elder named P . The bandits succeed and are absorbed and cloned by the purple viscous liquid . At B’s request ,V and J arrive on the planet to search for the children . Shortly after they arrive, the liquid absorbs and V.
So when V give a shot on their technique but nothing just happen then clone V tell him that he’s just h empty person . Then who give the order to Clone V he give a order to killed V’s & G’s son so at that time V realize that clone V hesitating to killed his son.
At same G doing some training on king i planet and his power were came again at full strength .
Again on a planet clone V were hesitating that the time junior T and G take J and V and run .

Dragon Ball Super Episode.43- ‘G ‘s power is out of control’.


Due to overexerting himself during the tournament ,G has problems controlling his energy. He decides to take break and relax in order to get his strength back. While G’s kid and his wife are out , G and his family babysit PAN . That morning ,Pilaf,S and M plan to attack G while he is asleep . They end up fleeing in terror and bring PAN along with them . Inside the ship pilaf accidentally launches then into the stratosphere . The pressure from the launch destroys their ship , but pan is unlock her power able to fly back home with her captives in tow. On their way home. G’s family is relieved to find pan everywhere though they remain ignorant of her exploits.
After some time G’s kid and his kid’s wife were come to home so G’s wife tells the story to missing pan then pan called grandfather to G.

Dragon Ball Super Episode.42- ‘Trouble at the Victory Celebration| Showdown At Last? M vs. G


With the tournament completed , B decides to hold a celebration party at the Capsule Corporation . She also decides to invite M. B considers M to be the real winner of the tournament . GOD ‘B’ and ANGEL ‘W’ are opposed to B’s idea as they believe the G would want to fight M if he were to attend. Ultimately , M does attend . so ANGEL ‘W’ tells B yes but they decided to be lied in front of everyone but at the time of party galactic petrol officer orders some sweet so coincidence M delivers that sweet so everyone shocked that M is a fighter who second stronger in the universes is doing this job . When kid G and kid T were trying to get sweets kid T were pushed M and M were crying then everyone realize that he is not strong at same time GOD ‘B’ and ANGEL ‘W’ come they also go in shocked after seeing M at last GOD ‘B’ decides to tell everyone besides G about M’s secret. M M is not nearly as powerful as everyone believes him to be. B see GOD ‘B’ and tell him that lie is okay for a GOD. Same time G comes there in his instant transmission technique GOD ‘B’ were scared ,G see M and he request M for fight then C angry and tells G to go home first and came here after bathing and clothing G going then she’s told GOD ‘B’ to do something for hide M truth for G . Kid G and kid T suggest that GOD ‘B’ disguise himself as M and fight G in M’s place .GOD ‘B’ agrees to the plan and disguises himself . P is also shape shift itself into GOD ‘B’ to act as a decoy . Shortly afterwards, G and a disguised GOD ‘B’ being their fight. After their 10 minutes match Angel ‘W’ interrupts the battle. ANGEL ‘W’ also tell GOD ‘B’ to see their hand and the fight were over. Everyone carries on with the festivities.

Dragon Ball Super Episode.41- ‘Come, God of Dragon _ And Please Grant My Wish ‘.


Grand Zeno announces that he will organize a martial arts of tournament for all twelve universes G disrespectfully approaches and talks to Grand Zeno. Grand Zeno is amused , and everyone else is discomforted .GOD ‘C’ scold his team for losing and others them to train for thee upcoming tournament .Shortly afterwards GOD ‘C’ and his team leave. GOD ‘B’ asks the Earthlings to find the super dragon balls. ANDROID 18 notices that all super dragon balls are clumped together on the radar , and M deduces that the planet they have been fighting on is actually the 7th super dragon ball . GOD ‘B’,G,and the others leave for the location of all 7 super dragon balls. Once they are there, angle ANGEL ‘W’ summons Super Dragon God which is more powerful version of Dragon .Unknown to anyone else ,GOD ‘B’ secretly wishes to have 6th universe EARTH restored back to life. angle ‘V’ informs GOD ‘C’ that GOD ‘B’ wished for you . ANGEL ‘W’ leaves GOD ‘B’ and M on GOD ‘B’s planet and departs for earth. M is revealed to be ordinary mail deliveryman , who is an aspiring fighter . GOD ‘B’ rewards M with money ,gold ,and diamonds for his help and he also tells him that he is going to use him in future for their motivation . G and V and the others form earth return homes.

Episode.40- ‘At Last ,It Comes To An End! Is The Winner Beerus Or Is It Champa?’


Goku and hit fight to an indecisive stalemate.Neither side is able to gain ground against the other. Goku requests that the rules of the fight be waived so that hit can use his killing techniques freely. Champa and beerus argue over this decision . During their argument,goku jumps out of the fighting stage.he forfeits the match. Goku argues that he would have been unable to continue due to the strain on his body brought on by his kaio-ken technique .Shortly afterwards ,Monaka faces hit. Monaka is scared to fight . Monaka punches hit and wins the fight hit throws the fight as repayment for goku enabling him to surpass his limits.With hit defeated ,the universe 7 team is declared the winner of the tournament .Just as the festivities are about to conclude,Grand Zeno a mysterious ‘KING of Universes”,appears the center of the fighting stage.

Episode.39- ‘A Developed “Time Skip” Counterstrike : Here Comes Goku’s New Form’


Goku transforms into Super Saiyan Blue. Afterwards , goku and hit continue their match. Goku has the upper hand during their encounters . Goku manages to counter hit’s Time-skip , which infuriates hit,realize he’s at his limit .After barrages of punches and kicks,hit attempts to get stronger by shouting , the same way goku does.However , doing so does not change his performance , even said by vados when champa is wondering if hit has gotten any stronger. At a point when goku charges at hit and attempts to punch him, hit uses his time-skip and alnds a blow to goku in his abdomen . The refree wonders if goku , who is currently in pain on the ground ,could continue the match, but after several check-ups, he is about to announce the winner but goku manages to tell the refreee he’s able to continue .
He realizes the only way he could get stronger,not by transforming .He can only get stronger by growing , which is also realize by piccolo , saying he got stronger in a short period of time.Hit explains to goku that he didn’t have the need to get stronger but since he pushed him,he’s able to grow to greater heights.After growing,hit says he’s able to extend the time-limit of his time-skip for one-extend the time-limit of his time-skip for one-fifth of a second . Champa wants hit to finish goku but he lets goku get on his feet to continue fighting because he was able to help him grow. Vegeta is mad that hit is able to get stronger through battle,because saiyans get stronger through battle . While hit in his ne stance because of the new potential and goku is in his fighting stance ,hit tells goku that he made a mistake , thinking he could predict his movements after one-fifth of a second.After this,hit attacks goku using his time-skip .Hit tells goku that he continues to grow and his techniques is now able to extend to half second.
Hit calls for thhe refree to check up on goku bacause he is unable to do anything in his present state . However , goku manages to get up from hit’s attacks . Goku tells hit that he wasn’t trying to hold back during their match, but he’s been practicing a new technique ,which he planned to use against beerus ,who is surprised at hearing this. Goku powers up as vados wonders if goku has a form stronger than super saiyan blue as champa orders hit to stop the saiyan. However , hit allows goku too use his technique because he was able to help him grow wanting to find out who will win in the battle for power as everyone notes on how his words make him sound like martial artist.

Goku syops powering up to everyone’s shock before he uses KAIO-KEN with the power of super saiyan blue.After his uses the techique , goku explains to hit that ther was a 10% chance of him succeeding in using the technique anfd there was a 90% of him dying if he didn’t control his power correctly.Goku displays his power to hit,charging around him,showing his incredible speed as the assassin is left speechless. Beerus is surprised that goku was planning to use that technique against him as whis asks if he’s worried he’ll be in trouble if goku does use it against him. Beerus shurgs this off as whis asks what he thinks of the power and beerus states he was wondering why goku hadn’t use the move against him sooner.An irritated vegeta remebers goku using kaio-ken against him in their first match on earth.He is also angered that goku was able to surpass him again. Old kai speculates to his fellows that goku never used kaio-ken with super saiyan because the from puts stress on the body and using kaio-ken would make it worse in comparison to throwing your life away.

Goku tells hit that supe saiyan bluue has perfect KI control so he was able to use kaio-ken with the form. Goku powers up using kaio-ken ,using kaio-ken times ten.
Immediately after ,goku attacks hit with his immense power and speed .Hit is unable to keep up with goku,even attempting to use his time-skip but goku managed to surpass it. Goku and hit fight rapidly around hit into the sky,he notices that the form is unable to use kaio-ken for long so he fires a KA ME HA ME HA at hit .Hit time skips thrugh goku’s ka me ha me ha and goku charges at him.Hit attempts to push back the ka me ha me ha but the collision causes an explosion .